Friday, January 1, 2010

skittle nails

as an lover of american apparel and nail polish, i am so excited about the new launch of american apparel's new line of nail polish. american apparel is known for their array of colours in their clothing and accessories, so isn't it just so fitting that they expand that concept into nail polish? as psyched as i am to get my hands on all of these colours, i am a wise consumer or at least i like to think that way; i have so many questions based on how many coats to achieve opacity, finish of the colours, brush design, lasting power, and comparability to other top brands, such as opi and china glaze.

until i have the time to visit an american apparel store, i will just dream about all those unconventional colours on my tips:

factory grey - i feel this will be my go to grey. all the ones i've encountered have either been too light or dominated by an red/blue/brown base. i hope this cold grey is my answer.

manila, office, palm springs - these are my spring colours! nothing obnoxious nothing neon, i am ready for the pastels: subdued and calm. manila is the mellowed out response to pantone's colour of 2009: mimosa, office is a dainty jade that dominated chanel's f/w 2009 runways, and palm springs is a light coral that one splash away from becoming pink, orange or nude. gorgeous!

mount royal, passport blue - i can never get enough blue nails. royal blue looks like a nice shade of dusty/greyed out blue that isn't too bright and really sophisticated for daily wear. passport blue, i would i die if this had a creme finish and when it dried it would not become some kind of ubiquitous blue/black ordeal. i want it to be a nice visible dark blue in very sort of light.

available at american apparel for $7.50 CAD

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