Thursday, January 7, 2010

american apparel nail polish review

l to r: pinto, palm beach, manila, factory grey, mount royal, office

after learning that these american apparel nail polish are 3 for $18, i picked up the colours i was excited for in my previous nails post except passport blue, which i found to be much darker in person. i was elated when i saw these all lined up in the aa store, their boxy shaped containers really emphasize the creme colours within the glass bottles.

palm springs - pastel cool mint green creme. this is pretty darn reminiscent of china glaze's for audrey, which my sister owns. i am guessing that palm springs is greener while for audrey is more true to blue. applied a bit streaky but it is a light creme so it is expected, two coats.

mount royal - midtone royal blue creme. i was expecting a dustier shade of lighter blue as if someone has spike the formula with several drops of grey varnish but this is a nice shade too, something i;ve seen plenty of but i don't own. two coats, but totally could have been a one coater because of opacity of the polish.

pinto - a red brick brown. please ignore the scratches, i have a bad habit of painting my nails before bed, and i normally wake up to sheet and hair marks. the formula on this one was really runny and had a slight jelly effect where if you did not apply it evenly, it was blatantly obvious where you were a bit heavier with brush. 3 coats.

palm springs - nude pastel peach. this colour kind of reminds me of a barbie doll's skin or that peach crayon that you reserved for colouring skin. i think this looks pretty awful on against my skin, maybe i'll i was more tanned it would be ok. i'll try again in the summer. 3 coats.

manila - like the envelope but not quite. a warm mustard. went on pretty smooth, 2 coats, and the colour is not obnoxious.

factory grey - remember how i wanted this to be the perfect grey? yes i think this is really it. sure sure it is a pink/purple-y tinged grey but it really works with my skin tone. loves, 2 coats.

the formula was decent for majority of the colours. goes on pretty opaque, but i normally do 2 just to even out the colour. the handle of the brushes are a little too long, but the brush is pretty good. sometimes the opi brush is a little too big for my liking, holding too much polish thus i would get it on the sides. while the brush on the aa polish does not cover my entire nail, i like it that way, it allows me to have more control for a neater application.

i want more colours. more. i know it is an illness.


  1. aaahh!! thanks for this!! i've been meaning to get some myself! and most probably the purple, yellow and gray trio they have online! :D

  2. if you visit the american apparel store, you can choose the colours you want under the 3 for $18 deal. oh i don't have the purple since i have opi's parlez vous opi, which is also a dusty mauve-y purple shade, still perfect for fall. swatch it when you get it!

  3. yay, I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog (from Animated Confessions' blog roll) :) and thanks for the swatches! i was thinking of getting the mount royal and palm springs. or should I just buy the OPI/Essie dupes for them? your thoughts? :)