Saturday, January 9, 2010

leather arms

wearing: american eagle beanie, american eagle fur vest, zipia leather jacket, talula sheer zodiac tee, forever 21 jean leggings, nine west boots

wore this to catch Avatar with some friends. Avatar was an awesome movie, the visuals were gorgeous and made me realize that humans are so lame and inferior. our earth pales in comparison to Pandora's bio luminescent people, wildlife and plants. pure fantasy, loved it.

from my boxing day purchases: as you see i;ve also upgraded to a fur vest from the collar, it was one of those rare purchases my mom made for me that actually complimented the rest of my closet :) and the sheer zodiac tee is probably one of my few graphic tees in my closet but i love it for its sheer quality, boxy oversized shape, and simple graphic design.

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  1. i loved avatar too!! it's still selling out up to this day!

    anyway, i love seeing canadians blogging, so i hope you don't mind me adding you in my links! :D thanks!