Monday, January 4, 2010

little black boot

the troubles with having a sister with the same shoe size is that she consistently borrow your shoes when you want to wear them. it always happened with my bronx motorcycle boots, which she abused them as if they were her own. tramping through salt slush during warmer winters and leaving them around as door mat in numerous house parties have rendered my beloved boots for early retirement. i've brought them to the shoe repair for a replacement heel and reattach the upper to the sole repair last year, under a year i encountered the same problem again - the detached upper. of course i could bring them to the shoe repair but i feel these boots have too much pride to admit their weakness, so i've decided to reserve them for only the finest weather, ie no precipitation. so now i am looking for a new addition to my family to brave the bipolar weather of a canadian winter.

black boots options
from the left top clockwise:
  • harley davidson little sur - the classic motorcycle boot with a round toe. a clunkier profile than my bronx but i think these are more durable and practical. ($130 CAD)
  • frye erin chelsea - i am quite attached to the equestrian look right now, these also give off a more clean and polished look. ($298 CAD)
  • dingo shoe boot - these actually could be a good alternative to oxfords, this shorter western style is less obvious. ($80 CAD)
  • frye bill short vintage - the classic short western boot with all the details: pull on tabs, wooden sole, stitching on the upper. perfect ($298 CAD)
  • steve madden pystol - the trendier western boot with inside zipper in dark blue. the little star shaped cut outs are a nice touch. ($136 CAD)

left to right:
  • aldo gaser - nice pull on motorcycle boot with buckles and studs. ($99 CAD)
  • aldo floseda - another western boot with a slouchy shaft and cleaner look. ($99 CAD)
i really want to try these on before i commit. but i am think i am leaning on the harly davidson ones and a western style. they are so different but i could wear them in so many ways. what should i do?

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