Sunday, January 10, 2010

live fast in comfort

wearing: (1) night market scarf, american eagle knit vest, truly madly deeply sweatshirt tunic, american apparel winter leggings, soda moccasin flats (2) h&m faux fur collar, american eagle military knit cardigan, forever 21 floral blouse, american apparel winter leggings, soda moccasins.

so i've been kind of wearing the different variations of the same outfit. it could possibly be because that i can drive now (insert huge grin) and wearing heels to drive is incredibly dangerous (says parents, something to do with depth perception and the gas pedal). come to think about it, i wear more carefully thought out and meticulous outfits when i need to take the bus. haha.

after declaring the break away from my job, i haven't really called them back to say i was done finals and can return to work. they didn't call back. so lets just assume that they forgot about me. and i move on to a job i can really enjoy. i still want one of those adolescent part time jobs that just pays for my shopping habits and school. i've tried receptionist, restaurant prep, cashier, and specialized factory worker - lets try some retailin' next.

ah i really don't really like listening to people younger than i but this is too catchy: f.cuz - jiggy

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  1. i totally need a job too!! something that i will enjoy too! hahaha!

    so jealous of you, i need to get my driver's license ASAP!