Tuesday, April 13, 2010

little sweater

club monaco blazer, community cropped sweater, bluenotes ironman tee (under), forever 21 jean leggings, aldo boots

whenever iron man is on tv, i have to watch it. it doesn't matter whatever else is on, whether it satc, gg, antm, runway; i must watch it. strange and strong affiliations without reasons happen to me frequently: iron man, skulls, jellyfishes, small coffees, frail necklaces and tough appearances.

Monday, April 5, 2010

nothing is too good

"i am back miss me?"

ahhh my suede boots. oh well, pristine condition bores me to death anyhow.

zipia faux leather jacket, american apparel lace tee, zara tweed high waisted trousers, aldo suede boots, aldo drawstring purse

my mom's first lv purse was an drawstring bucket shaped bag which i saw her put newspapers, melons, my toys, and other life's necessities in. the lv bag was a gift from a friend, a very generous gesture of her at time. mom earned a humble living and most would think she would keep her only designer luxury kept away from all contact in the back of the closet, banishing it from everyday use. not my mom, she understood the prestige of louis vuitton but she treated it like she wanted to test the quality of it by carrying her daily life in it. now with its leather worn, the base blacken, the permanent wrinkles caused by its drawstring, its fifteen years of hard living for a high quality bag that could withstand anther fifteen more.

i wish for my first designer piece one day, that i can wear everyday and dismiss the thought of it being "too good" for my life, my everyday life. i guess the aldo drawstring one will have to do for now.

pastel spring and infant animals

i love easter for its perceived cute bunnies and chocolate eggs. no stones, please.

la fleur in art central, calgary. little chicks in a window display? i would call this animal cruelty if it wasn't so cute.

every time pilsbury comes out with their themed sugar cookies, i always get a couple boxes. and sometimes i like to bake them super close to each other so they turn into conjoined twins.

Friday, March 5, 2010

before i change my spots

after 7 days, tip wear and involuntary picking inclusive. here's how you do it.

colours: aa manila as background, aa pinto as brown spots, china glaze ink as dark patches.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

run run runaway

all i want is distance. temporize and recollect.

what are my priorities? who are important to me? what is important?

we are better as individuals instead of collaborators.


Friday, February 19, 2010

choke down some mini eggs

zara faux leather pants, joe double breasted cardigan, talula boyfriend waffle henley

say hi to my print entertainment and my new sugar high.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

welcome welcome

talula cat tee, forever 21 diy cut offs, joe tights, lasenza slippers, zipia bowler

as siblings grow older, the less manipulable they become. thus, sister is getting expensive to employ. i;ve been gone for a while, and i don't have much of a readership to really state this - but i am going to start up this blog (again) pretending no one really cares what i have to say. this is not an outlet, just a dumping ground. please take it for what it is.

vale mcqueen, it will never be the same:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

live fast in comfort

wearing: (1) night market scarf, american eagle knit vest, truly madly deeply sweatshirt tunic, american apparel winter leggings, soda moccasin flats (2) h&m faux fur collar, american eagle military knit cardigan, forever 21 floral blouse, american apparel winter leggings, soda moccasins.

so i've been kind of wearing the different variations of the same outfit. it could possibly be because that i can drive now (insert huge grin) and wearing heels to drive is incredibly dangerous (says parents, something to do with depth perception and the gas pedal). come to think about it, i wear more carefully thought out and meticulous outfits when i need to take the bus. haha.

after declaring the break away from my job, i haven't really called them back to say i was done finals and can return to work. they didn't call back. so lets just assume that they forgot about me. and i move on to a job i can really enjoy. i still want one of those adolescent part time jobs that just pays for my shopping habits and school. i've tried receptionist, restaurant prep, cashier, and specialized factory worker - lets try some retailin' next.

ah i really don't really like listening to people younger than i but this is too catchy: f.cuz - jiggy

Saturday, January 9, 2010

leather arms

wearing: american eagle beanie, american eagle fur vest, zipia leather jacket, talula sheer zodiac tee, forever 21 jean leggings, nine west boots

wore this to catch Avatar with some friends. Avatar was an awesome movie, the visuals were gorgeous and made me realize that humans are so lame and inferior. our earth pales in comparison to Pandora's bio luminescent people, wildlife and plants. pure fantasy, loved it.

from my boxing day purchases: as you see i;ve also upgraded to a fur vest from the collar, it was one of those rare purchases my mom made for me that actually complimented the rest of my closet :) and the sheer zodiac tee is probably one of my few graphic tees in my closet but i love it for its sheer quality, boxy oversized shape, and simple graphic design.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

american apparel nail polish review

l to r: pinto, palm beach, manila, factory grey, mount royal, office

after learning that these american apparel nail polish are 3 for $18, i picked up the colours i was excited for in my previous nails post except passport blue, which i found to be much darker in person. i was elated when i saw these all lined up in the aa store, their boxy shaped containers really emphasize the creme colours within the glass bottles.

palm springs - pastel cool mint green creme. this is pretty darn reminiscent of china glaze's for audrey, which my sister owns. i am guessing that palm springs is greener while for audrey is more true to blue. applied a bit streaky but it is a light creme so it is expected, two coats.

mount royal - midtone royal blue creme. i was expecting a dustier shade of lighter blue as if someone has spike the formula with several drops of grey varnish but this is a nice shade too, something i;ve seen plenty of but i don't own. two coats, but totally could have been a one coater because of opacity of the polish.

pinto - a red brick brown. please ignore the scratches, i have a bad habit of painting my nails before bed, and i normally wake up to sheet and hair marks. the formula on this one was really runny and had a slight jelly effect where if you did not apply it evenly, it was blatantly obvious where you were a bit heavier with brush. 3 coats.

palm springs - nude pastel peach. this colour kind of reminds me of a barbie doll's skin or that peach crayon that you reserved for colouring skin. i think this looks pretty awful on against my skin, maybe i'll i was more tanned it would be ok. i'll try again in the summer. 3 coats.

manila - like the envelope but not quite. a warm mustard. went on pretty smooth, 2 coats, and the colour is not obnoxious.

factory grey - remember how i wanted this to be the perfect grey? yes i think this is really it. sure sure it is a pink/purple-y tinged grey but it really works with my skin tone. loves, 2 coats.

the formula was decent for majority of the colours. goes on pretty opaque, but i normally do 2 just to even out the colour. the handle of the brushes are a little too long, but the brush is pretty good. sometimes the opi brush is a little too big for my liking, holding too much polish thus i would get it on the sides. while the brush on the aa polish does not cover my entire nail, i like it that way, it allows me to have more control for a neater application.

i want more colours. more. i know it is an illness.