Monday, April 5, 2010

nothing is too good

"i am back miss me?"

ahhh my suede boots. oh well, pristine condition bores me to death anyhow.

zipia faux leather jacket, american apparel lace tee, zara tweed high waisted trousers, aldo suede boots, aldo drawstring purse

my mom's first lv purse was an drawstring bucket shaped bag which i saw her put newspapers, melons, my toys, and other life's necessities in. the lv bag was a gift from a friend, a very generous gesture of her at time. mom earned a humble living and most would think she would keep her only designer luxury kept away from all contact in the back of the closet, banishing it from everyday use. not my mom, she understood the prestige of louis vuitton but she treated it like she wanted to test the quality of it by carrying her daily life in it. now with its leather worn, the base blacken, the permanent wrinkles caused by its drawstring, its fifteen years of hard living for a high quality bag that could withstand anther fifteen more.

i wish for my first designer piece one day, that i can wear everyday and dismiss the thought of it being "too good" for my life, my everyday life. i guess the aldo drawstring one will have to do for now.

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  1. nice to see you back around! :D you're looking fantastic! love your trousers! :D