Tuesday, December 29, 2009

so fresh out of box

wearing: zara navy scarf, talula creme henley, the gap lilac mens oxford, talula leggings, payless boots, ardenes arm warmers

when i know i have a free day the next day, i often neglect my phone and just leave it in my bag, which usually results in a plethora of missed calls, voice mails and text messages. yes yes it is extremely irresponsible of me but i don't like feeling accessible when i am at home. i don't usually have much time to myself, so i like to spend this time on me and not on the phone with an old acquaintances that has wayyyy too many relationship problems.

i did keep myself busy during these times though, i finished the office box set M lent me, finished stalking those korean girls, attempted to clean my room and of course, during doing all of the above; i consumed my weight in chocolate. my attempt at tidying up my basement proved fruitful, i found some old mens oxfords in feminine spring colours and some of my aunt's old dress pants and almost kept my mind off of the sales going on during boxing week.

but of course i gave in and went shopping with my mom, and pickup a fur vest and an over sized sheer white graphic tee of the zodiac. welcome to my trendy closet.

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