Wednesday, December 2, 2009


wearing: H&M faux fur collar, forever 21 leopard cardigan, old navy white pocket tank, talula grandpa cardigan, hand me down high waisted grey trousers, zipia brogues, mrd74 raven claw pendant necklace.

the cat hunted the bird and presented the carcass to its owner. the owner doesn’t turn in disgust, instead she takes the claw of the bird and dips it in molten brass. she strings it around her neck and wears it proudly. the cat gets jealous that the bird got to spend more time with its owner. realizing this, the owner reciprocates her love towards the cat. these days the cat is missing, but the owner drapes a gorgeous new fur collar around her shoulders.

she loves animals so much.


while frantically searching for my navy vest with gold buttons ( i found it btw), i came across an unmarked huge rubbermaid box that contained an assortment of my aunt's old pants from the 80's. many of them were too short, really tiny, i found two things, the grey trousers above and a pair of baggy shorts, i could actually squeeze into. i guess fashion is really just recycled every so often. well i am quite fond of my newly acquired bottoms, but there are a lot of people find the styles to be too mature, but my mom likes them on me. i guess that doesn't count, she hates 99% of my closet.

ps. good night daul kim. your appearance during fashion week and edgy editorials will be sorely missed.

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  1. those pants are amazing! i love this ensemble. very well put together and polished, yet there's a hint of casualness :)