Saturday, December 26, 2009

that girl that jane so plain

wearing: talula oversized cardigan, hello kitty sweater tunic, betsy johnson lace tights, american apparel lake blue tights (underneath), zipia brogues

i don't really like christmas day, possibly because:
a) i am asian
b) i am an atheist
c) my family had previously owned a chinese food take out restaurant for several years which was open during xmas day, which resulted in an uneasiness to do nothing till this day.
d) our family doesn't prep or do huge feasts.
e) all of the above.

don't get me wrong, i really do like the whole spirit, the hectic atmosphere, and the exorbitant amount of chocolate consumed in preparation, but once the day is here, i feel confined to my house.
asians know how to profiteer off the xmas day holiday, since no place are open (minus 7-11) every one must eat and buy from their businesses that will main open as long there is a opportunity to make more.
speak of, today after we exchanged gifts, we went to the mandatory dim sum lunch where my brother pulled the fire alarm. at first we didn't hear anything, but sure enough, a faint and regular ringing resonated from the main dining area. in panic, we sacrificed our lovely heat vent and ran out to the cold. we all looked at each other in silence and we all simultaneously burst into laughter.

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