Friday, September 11, 2009

i don;t know how to commit

welcome to another style blog. through all my years of worshiping all things style and fashion related, i've learned that i can't say no to anything, except uggs. those just don;t make any sense to me.

i want to say that my style falls precisely into classics or future minimalistic or preppy sporty or girly romantic or vintage boho etc but i can't. i don't really like the word 'or', the greedy glutton in me loves 'and'. what is wrong with embodying the classics AND future minimalistic AND preppy sporty AND girl romantic AND vintage boho? huh? i want everything under the sun. my 'style' may change every day or last for months. no restrictions. can't have fun being boxed in. right?

if it is furry, i want to touch.
if it is neon, i want to see.
if it has a loud print, i want to hear.
if it emits an expected scent, i want to smell.

if it a furry neon printed jacket with a faint memory of Zest, bring it on!

*taste excluded, i am much pickier because i am a vegetarian.

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